Announcing Summer & Fall 2017 Tour Dates

We are excited to announce that we are bringing advanced event decorating courses to Georgia, New York City, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Colombia, Trinidad and possibly more if there is demand. Some tour dates under consideration are LA and Vegas in July or August.

Tour date schedule and enrollment information

Upcoming Courses Classes fill up quickly. Reserve your spot with a deposit today!

11/08/2017 - 101FD-CED - Fabric Draping Designs 1 - Hollywood, FL Details $300
11/09/2017 - 102FD-CED - Fabric Draping Designs 2 - Hollywood, FL Details $300
11/10/2017 - 103FD-CED - Fabric Draping 3 - Fabric Gazebos Designs - Hollywood, FL Details $350
11/11/2017 - 101EB-CED - Event Business Management 1 - Hollywood, FL Details $300
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You have many choices. Why choose the Event Decorating Academy?

The Event Decorating Academy® is the only place you can learn all aspects of professional event decorating, hands-on, from award winning decorators. Our focus for the past decade has been teaching others to be successful in this fun and profitable business.

The Certified Event Decorator® designation is exclusive to decorators that have completed the two week, twelve-day CED course at the Event Decorating Academy® and have passed the written and hands-on test.

Our students come in as strangers and leave as friends and raving fans. Check out the Event Decorating Academy FaceBook, Instagram pages and our YouTube channel.

Others claiming to offer similar courses must think pretty highly of us as well. Many have copied our materials, two of them going as far as scraping our website instead of creating their own - until our attorney suggest that was not nice.

Can you learn professional event decorating from a video course? While videos are helpful, they do not give you the range of learning that you receive building full-size decor in our permanent facility or during one of our tour dates. With someone critiquing your work and showing you the little tricks and nuances you will leave the course with the confidence that you can take on the next paying job and do it well. The picture of your work that you take during class will help you build a portfolio that you can present as your work because.. well it was your work.

As you choose to further your professional event decorating career through education, you must ask yourself if you want to learn from the dedicated leader and innovator or are you willing to settle for imitators who are just in it for the money or to sell you their products.

The director of the Event Decorating Academy® is Carmen Ballering. Carmen has won numerous awards for her innovative professional event decor. During her career as a decorator, she has done both major corporate events as well as weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other family events. Her work has appeared on local, national and international television, in magazines and newspaper. She is a recognized expert within the balloon industry and has been hired by leading companies to present training.

At the Event Decorating Academy, you learn the hands-on skills you need to succeed in this fun and exciting business including fabric draping, balloon decor, props, lighting, centerpieces, floral and so much more including the important business aspects such as marketing and pricing.

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