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Why should I become a Certified Event Decorator®?

certified event decorator logo Even if you have been in business for a while, getting certified in an array of different techniques will help increase your sales. By having these credential your possibilities of getting more jobs is greater. In addition you will learn tips and tricks that will help you make a lot of money, and designs that are new in the industry. No one in the balloon industry or in the flower industry have taught the fancy designs of fabric draping and props making as the EDA is teaching. We are the originators of the fabric draping courses. While other instructors keep their most valuable secrets to themselves, at the EDA all decorating secrets will be disclosed.
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Certified Event Decorator® Course

Course Overview

This program will teach all the necessary techniques to start or expand your business in the event decorating industry as well as having the proper credentials to be competitive in this growing market. You will learn how to coordinate every detail leading up to your event.

You will achieve proficiency in the major elements of event decor during this two-week, 12-day intensive course.  Our courses are hands-on, building actual event decor and include centerpieces, props, floral design and more.

Certified Event Decorator® Course Course CED-12DBI

Certificate in Event Decorating and Management CED-12DBI
FORMAT12 Day Course
TIMES 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
This educational program focuses on teaching all the necessary, basic techniques to start or improve your business. These classes are step-by-step, hands-on training to ensure you have the experience to do it on your own. While you learn hands-on, you will be taking pictures of the designs to begin building your portfolio. The goal for this course is to make you a great event designer by teaching you all the necessary techniques to incorporate all the different aspects of decorating to better serve your clients.

Our classes are geared to the entrepreneur who wants to add different decorating services, such as fabric draping, balloon decorating, theme props, or floral design to their offerings. It is also a great course for people that want to change career and wish to start a new business. No prior decorating experience necessary.

Event Business Management 1 101EB-CED8 Hours
Event Floral Designs 1101EFD-CED 8 Hours
Event Floral Designs 2102EFD-CED 8 Hours
Fabric Draping Design 1101FD-CED 8 Hours
Fabric Draping Design 2 102FD-CED 8 Hours
Centerpieces Designs 1101CD-CED 8 Hours
Balloon Decor 1 101BD-CED 8 Hours
Balloon Decor 2 102BD-CED 8 Hours
Balloon Sculptures 1 101BS-CED 8 Hours
Styrofoam 3D Props 01SPL-CED 8 Hours
Wood Props Designs 1 101WP-CED 8 Hours
Balloon & Foam Names and Logos 1102BNL-CED 8 Hours

What exactly does the CED course include?

Our teaching methods are exclusively designed for the event decorating industry. Because school focuses solely on career courses, we are able to provide you with the best possible learning experience in the industry. Students that wish to complete the certification course can: dedicate 2 (two) consecutive weeks, schedule 2 (two) separate weeks or attend the 12 (twelve) week course every Monday for 12 (twelve) weeks.

Our goal is to help our students become top designers and have the opportunity to design top quality events. The Certified Event Decorator® designation is reserved for top event designers who have been through intensive training in different aspects of decorating and have been certified by passing written and practical exams at the EDA. students taking certified event decorator course

Start a Rewarding Career in the Growing Field of Event Decorating!


Each Certified Event Decorator® Course includes:

1. Student Manual Includes: Twelve beautifully illustrated reference books

  • Bursting with tips, advice, ideas, full color graphics & pictures.
  • Step-by-step designs
  • Material lists
  • Exercise business forms
  • Balloon formulas
  • Hands on training that let you practice everything you've learned in the manuals

2. FREE! Student Start-Up business kit

  • We have included a business start-up kit absolutely free in your business course book. This kit includes:
  • Order forms
  • students taking certified event decorator
  • Overhead forms
  • Pricing forms
  • Marketing forms
  • Consultation forms
  • Sample contract

3. FREE Tool Kit Bonus gift

  • Kit includes:
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutter
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Floral tape
  • Glue gun & sticks
  • and many other useful tools

4. FREE Welcome package

  • Full of samples
  • Catalogs
  • Magazines

5. Take home projects – bring an extra suitcase!

  • 1 boutonniere
  • 1 corsage
  • 2 Bridal bouquets
  • 1 head table centerpiece
  • 1 floral centerpiece
  • 1 or 2 wood props
  • 1 name /logo sign
  • 2 Styrofoam centerpieces

6. Ongoing phone support and mentoring

  • Business advisory
  • Answer to all your start-up questions
  • Help with your design questions
  • Help finding jobs

7. Full access to online student center / forum

  • Our Online Student Center lets you stay in touch with the EDA staff & students
  • Meet successful EDA students, access additional course information and student portfolio gallery.

8. Listing in the find a professional CED

  • Referrals

9. Internship projects,

  • Join us in actual events and get the experience on decorating real job.These are available on first come first serve basis and are carefully evaluated by an instructor.
  • Opportunities to work in our classroom as teacher assistant, and the opportunity of becoming an EDA instructor.

10. Graduation & CED Certificate - this is a registered trademarked credential for the Certified Event Decorator ®

    students graduating certified event decorator course
  • We offer a graduation every year
  • Cap & gown is used for the ceremony - EDA provides
  • Framed certificate and awards are presented to students
  • Go to the graduation page for all the information

11. Food & snacks

  • Hot lunches everyday
  • Coffee, soda & snacks during breaks

12. After you pass the certification test you get extra REWARDS

  • 20% off on all Continuing EDA classes of $150 or more
  • A Certified Event Decorator® credential ID
  • Unlimited Trademark Logo usage rights
  • Upon successful completion of the certification program, students certified by The Event Decorating Academy, will be allowed to use our logo in their marketing materials and website.

This course gives you the opportunity to join the lucrative event decorating industry in just two weeks. Even if you are an advance balloon decorator or florist you will be amazed with the amount of things you will learn with this course. This educational program will give you the opportunity to learn all the necessary techniques to start or improve your business in the balloon & event decorating industry as well as having the proper credentials to be competitive in this growing market. In this economy many businesses are struggling because they only offer one service, imagine been able to offer more to your clients in just two weeks.

By taking this course you will have a new career being your own boss. By becoming a CED® (Certified Event Decorator®) you will have the freedom of choosing when you wish to work, the convenience of working from home if you desire and the opportunity of making more money than your current 40 hr job. The CED® course includes the “million dollar books”, these book are a very powerful tool to take home. It includes a book for each class. All are full of illustrations, pictures, step-by-step designs, formulas, a list of equipment, materials and tools needed. Best of all, the book includes the instructor's best kept design secrets from her 20 year experience in the industry.

Upon successful completion of the certification program, students need to come back and get certified by taking an intensive hands on and written test. We just don’t give a certificate for attending this course as anybody can do that. Our school test all students to make sure they are prepared to carry the internationally recognized credentials of a Certified Event Decorator ®.

All of the courses are different from an average class in a convention. These classes are step by step learning and practice in a specific subject for 8 hours each day.

12 day course.

Classes are listed in the order they offered.
Click on the links below for a description & pictures of each class.

First Session / week students taking certified event decorator business course

  • Business - Marketing- Pricing - Portfolio
  • Flower Design I
  • Flower Design II
  • Fabric Draping I
  • Fabric Draping II
  • Centerpieces 101

Second Session/ week

  • Theme Props I - wood
  • Theme Props II - Styrofoam
  • Names & Logos I
  • Balloon Décor I
  • Balloon Décor II
  • Balloon Sculptures I

Frequently asked questions about the CED


Will I be able to take part in a CED program while working full-time?

Yes, our programs are designed to fit into your busy schedule. The intensive two-week courses are offered approximately every month. Here are your options:

Two week program - You can choose to do the full two weeks in one time

One week program - Take one week first and then come back and take the second week in a different month

Weekly program - If you are local you may choose to do the 12 week program where you come to school one day a week (Mondays from 8am to 5 pm)

Floater program - If you are local you may also choose to take classes individually in different months, you will need one of our coordinator to help you do your schedule. One of our student coordinators will be happy to help you choose the right program for you, give us a call and start planning your future!

Tuition cost

The tuition cost to be a Certified Event Decorator is only $ for the full 12 day course. The price includes lunches and all materials. With all you learn in this course, some students make their money back in one decorating job. The beauty of our course is that you will take pictures of all the decorations we build and put together a beautiful portfolio right away.

Payment Options

Our diverse payment options were created to meet our students’ individual needs and budgets. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards, money orders or cashiers check. Business / personal checks will be accepted only if they are received 30 days before the day of class. No checks will be accepted on the first day of class.

When paying tuition in full, ask if we have any offers.

Paying tuition in two payments: Pay a $500 deposit to save your seat with the application and the balance the first day of class.

Make weekly or monthly payments in installment before taking the course, tuition fees must be paid in full by first day of class.

We are working with some banks to offer tuition loans. Information coming soon.

How do I become certified?

You will need to take the full two week course first. After completing your 12 classes, you need to study and practice all of the designs in order to be ready for the test. We do not give the test right after the course because we need to make sure you had learned all the techniques before we certify you. The test is a very intensive test that takes a full day to complete.The program is design so you can go home and practice the designs, then come back and get certified.

The CED certification consists of three parts.

Part 1

Pictures for testing:

Each picture is worth 10 points. Point deductions are based on design, scale, color, cost, price and quality of design. You will need to submit by mail a CD with 10 pictures of specific designs.

Part 2

Practical test: You will be tested in different designs and techniques in our class room. Design requirements will be given last day of class. You will have 6 hour for your practical test.

Part 3

Written Test: You will need to answer 50 questions, worth 2 points each. Requirement on written test is 90% to pass. Test duration is 2 hrs.

Tests are scheduled every 2 to 3 months.

While we do understand that this can be an inconvenience for many that travel from far, we could guarantee that is the only way we can do it. We do not offer the test by webcam. The test is a day long and you need a lot of material and equipment to take the test. The second reason is because we want to make sure every student have enough time to study and learn all the techniques before being tested. We suggest at least two months.

A certification fee of $150 is due the day of testing. Lunch and snacks are included.

Why Become a Certified Event Decorator® (CED)?

The Event Decorator Certification Program is your first step toward the high-paying, stimulating, and rewarding profession you’ve always wanted. By starting your own event decorating business, you can enjoy the freedom, convenience, and comfort of being your own boss. This is your chance to join this lucrative field and learn how to begin your new career without delay.

The more credentials you have the higher the pay will be. Credentials are important but the knowledge that you will receive from this course is priceless. Our classes are geared to the entrepreneur who wants to add different decorating services such as fabric draping, balloon decorating, props, and/or flower design to their offerings.

There is no limit to how much money you can make if you have the desire and motivation to do it. No specific education or prior decorating experience necessary. We offer from beginner to advance courses.

Do I need formal education to take the CED courses?

No, the Event Decorating Academy CED course is geared to the individual with a passion for event decorating. We develop our classes step-by-step regardless of your educational background.

What if I’m a (CBA) Certified Balloon Artist?

This course does not replace the CBA certification; rather it supplements that training with additional disciplines. Becoming a Certified Balloon Artist is a great base to start, adding the CED (Certified Event Decorator) will make your profits grow. many people don't want only balloons in their decor. By being certified in all the different aspect of decorating you will not loose a job. You will be able to offer services that your competitor don't have. The CED (Certified Event Decorator ®) should not be confused or compared to the CBA, (Certified Balloon Artist). These are too very different certifications. The CBA course is a video / book course. You learn at your own, and then you take the tests. While it has great information, it doesn't include hands on practice and many other things we offer in our course. It is basic balloon decorations and helium centerpieces great for starters. As our course can also be for starters we include designs, we offer more a step by step help in every class. You will learn how to create several types of balloon columns, balloon arches, balloon canopies, balloon centerpieces, balloon walls, and balloon sculptures.

Not only do we specialize in balloon decor, but are trained artists and designers as well. We offer balloon decor classes as an aspect of event decorating while also following the principles of design, and the anatomy for creating beautiful decor: we practice guidelines for composition and how to combine colors and elements in your decor. You even learn how to sketch designs.

All CBAs (Certified Balloon Artists) are not required to take the balloon decor 101 classes to receive their CED certification. But are required to take and pass the full test. Since we teach things you didn't learn in your CBA course we encourage all CBAs to attend the class. If you fail the balloon section of the test, you will not pass the CED test.

Learning the fundamentals of Classic balloon décor will help you enhance the atmosphere of any event. Decorate weddings, birthdays, trade shows, grand openings, bar/bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteen, anniversaries, quinceañeras, proms, sporting events, concerts, corporate events and many others.Our balloon decorating classes will teach you everything you need to know to start offering this distinctive decor to your clients.

Our goal is to teach low cost, effective designs that are easy to make and can be pre assembled for maximizing a days work.

What if I’m a Florist?

Florists are not required to attend the floral arrangement classes to receive their CED certification. You will need to show your florist credentials as well as take the entire certification test.

Should I take more classes after I finish the course?

All students are encouraged to take continuing CED classes offered by the academy to enhance their design skills and learn emerging techniques. Being able to offer your clients the latest designs will improve your sales.

How much can I expect to earn as a Certified Event Decorator®?

It is a wide open field, ranging from the part time decorator who does a few jobs a year to the full time decorator, who with their staff often decorate many events each week. Annual earnings for full time event decorators average between $30,000 and $500,000. Depending upon performance, experience, and market area. Some of the bigger companies make over a million dollars a year. It is possible to make the total cost of the course in your first job.

Are people outside the United States accepted into the program?

Yes. CED certification program is designed to be recognized worldwide. Each country has different requirements to issue visas, please find out before you register. You may be able to apply for a tourist visa (less than 30 days). Unfortunately we can't help you get one, but we can send you a verification (receipt after payment) that verifies you are registered in our course with names of classes and dates.

What other things should I know?

EDA reserves the right to increase or decrease all charges and fees without advance notice.

The EDA prohibits students from teaching the curriculum they learned at the EDA without permission.

Our course is trademarked, books and designs are copyrighted by the EDA. While other people offer online course making you believe they have a certified event decorator course, we advice that you check references before making payment, we do not offer online courses and we are not affiliated to no other companies. We are the originators and the owners of the federal trademark. Please check with the better business bureau before you enroll in any other courses that promise to have certified courses like the ones we teach. We've had students that enrolled with them and lost their money.

Our instructors are professional event decorators with real world experience of over 20 years providing the best in event decor. This allows us to offer our students a well-rounded education with internships. This is a unique opportunity that no other certification program offers their students.

Event Decorating Academy ® & the certification program (CED) - Certified Event Decorator ® are owned by the Event Decorating Academy, LLC.

“Success is best taught by those who have succeeded” Join us for the best classes in the nation, we are imitated by many, surpassed by none

Our Policies

Please read our policy page. Due to our small class sizes, we take cancellations very serious. Deposits made for classes are non- refundable nor transferable.

Full class schedule available here

Read our frequently asked questions

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