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Centerpieces Courses

Why should you attend the Event Decorating Academy's Gift Basket & Arrangements Courses

In this course, we use fresh and silk flowers. Centerpiece Designs create ambience at any event. Floral designs and theme arrangements are always a must to make the decor complete. Just imagine the 'Wow' comments when the guests arrive and see the elegant designs, spectacular colors with the coordinated decor, all customized to your client’s taste!

Our centerpiece design classes are taught in the comfort of our school. We have a variety of items to make centerpieces, from simple to upscale, including balloons, plush, baskets and other items to make beautiful coordinating arrangements. Many designs for Valentine’s day, new baby, birthdays, get well, graduation and more. This course does not require previous experience. All materials and lunches are included. All classes are hands-on. Learn many ways to do beautiful Valentine arrangements. Incorporate balloons and flowers to give them a special touch. Even if you don’t have a store front, don’t miss out on making money this Valentine’s day. Use the pictures from the class to take orders ahead of time.

Centerpiece Master Designs Course 627-3DIA

Certificate in Centerpiece Master Designs Course
FORMAT 3 Day Course
TIMES 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
FEE $799

This hands-on class will help you make wonderful centerpieces that you can do for special events. They can be sold or rented. From small and simple to tall and extravagant.


Our classes are geared for people who wish to offer rental and upscale centerpieces. This is a great class for those that want to add different designs in their business. Knowing how to price your designs is a must. In this class we will teach you how to always make a profit.

We will show you the formula that we’ve been using for years and has made us so successful.

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Curriculum schedule
DAY 1 Wedding Centerpiece Designs
DAY 2 Theme Centerpieces
DAY 3 Rental Upscale Centerpieces

Join this course and learn how to make amazing centerpieces for those special events. Learn how to offer unique rental centerpieces with the wow look.

This is a highly hands-on class that will leave you breathless. In this class you will learn how to make beautiful pieces for casual and formal events.

This class includes centerpieces with flowers, glass vases, crystals, feathers, candelabras, balloons and more.

Amaze your clients with these unique pieces and increase your profits.

Come and discover all the wonderful centerpieces that you can do for special events.

Come and see all the designs you can start offering at your shop.

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centerpiece course students working

Styrofoam Centerpiece Designs Course Course 547-3DBI

Certificate in Center Piece Design
FORMAT 3 Day Course
TIMES 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
FEE $699

Our classes are geared for people who wish to learn how to make unique, fun and cost effective centerpieces and cake toppers.

This is a great class for those people that wish to offer shippable centerpieces for all events.

                        centerpiece design course

Course Includes:

  • The anatomy of a centerpiece and buffet arrangement
  • Techniques using different materials
  • Working with Styrofoam
  • Theme centerpieces
  • Cake toppers
  • Flower centerpieces
  • Pricing your pieces
Curriculum schedule
DAY 1 Anatomy of a Centerpiece, Pricing & Design
DAY 2 Theme Centerpieces with Styrofoam
DAY 3 Cake Toppers & Candy Holders

This hands-on class will help you make super cute centerpieces to transform that special party into a dream come true.

Our centerpiece classes are focused on basic techniques and everything you need to know about assembly and sales. Each student makes their own pieces and some they can take home.


In this class, you will learn several centerpiece designs that can be adapted for any occasion, This hands-on class will help you learn basic construction techniques as well as designs that will save you time and money. Learning the correct use of the elements and principles of design will help you make beautiful centerpieces. In this class we will make from simple to elegant centerpieces with low cost and high-perceived value.

                        centerpiece design
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