06/16/2018 900-3DIA - Wood Theme Props Course Advance Hollywood, FL $325
8:00 AM
5:00 PM



We refer to large decorations as props simply because the objects are indeed used to further the ambiance of our events. In addition, props can define a theme, and further the atmosphere of the event.

The use of themed items gives an event a particular direction and puts the partygoers in the correct mood. From Hawaiian Luaus to Carnival themes, creating design elements for a themed event is where props really shine.

Our students will learn that they can create these beautiful designs without breaking the bank! In fact, it is possible to make economical designs, without having to hire an artist.

This Wood Props class includes:
• Handling and storing your props
• Useful color mixing terms
• Drawing and cutting your designs
• Painting techniques to make your props look real
• How to use all the equipment safely

Day 1 - Introduction to Wood Designs
Day 2 - Techniques, Designs, and Layouts
Day 3 - Panting, Set Ups, and Effects

*All lunches and supplies are provided.

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