09/22/2018 101BD-CED - Introduction to Balloon Design Beginner Hollywood, FL $375
8:00 AM
5:00 PM



***This class is the required prerequisite to the Balloon Columns & Arch Designs course and the Introduction to Balloon Sculptures course.

Our Elements of Design & Balloon Techniques course is an exclusive and informative class that will give our students the opportunity to study all the industry techniques associated with the balloon decorating business. Regardless of if you are an amateur or an expert, this course is suitable for all skill levels!

The focus of our balloon decorating classes are on the fundamental techniques of the balloon industry. Students enrolled in this course can expect to learn everything they need to know about the balloon equipment, allowing them to start presenting special decor to their clients.

Our balloon decorating classes will prepare our students for the world of balloon business and eager customers with high expectations. Students will learn a variety of balloon decorating techniques, guidelines, and composition methods. Following the formal principles of design, students will also learn how to use a color wheel to their advantage. Lastly, our students will be taught how to create an array of balloon columns, arches, canopies, centerpieces, walls, and sculptures.

In this class, you will learn :

• How to work with helium
• How to work with foils
• How to inflate balloons and tie properly
• How to size your balloons
• How to make garlands
• Principles of design
• Color schemes
• Several types of balloon techniques for columns
• Helium balloon arches
• Flower designs
• Topiary balls
• Floating clouds
• Balloon bouquets & centerpieces
• California law
• Safety balloon practices

Lunch and all materials will be provided.
This class is a requirement to become a Certified Event Decorator, CED

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