10/08/2019 102SPL-CED - Introduction to Styrofoam 3D Designs Beginner Hollywood, FL $398
8:00 AM
5:00 PM



Join this course and learn how to make amazing scenes for those unforgettable birthdays. In the design world, we refer to large decorations as props, simply because the objects are indeed used to further enhance the ambiance of our events. In addition, props can define a theme, and truly make an event feel magical.

This wonderful class will focus on techniques our students need for making large 3-Dimensional (3D) theme Styrofoam props. This program will help you increase your sales by offering your clients custom designed props that can be incorporated into balloon décor, as well as learning how to scale from a picture to life size, which is a must in this field. Our staff will focus on teaching you the formulas that will make you a true artist.

This hands-on course will help bring forth the artist inside of our students, training them to use their creative minds to think outside of the box. This amazing tracing, drawing & painting class will prepare them to paint wonderful characters on wood panels. Students will learn techniques that will help them blend, combine colors, and cut wood like a pro. This class will also teach our students all the techniques that they need to create 3D foam props for theme parties.

Course Includes:

• Handling and storing props
• Useful color mixing terms
• Painting with acrylics
• Drawing and cutting stand-ups
• Sculpting with Styrofoam
• How to incorporate props into their designs

Materials & lunch are included.

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