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Why should you attend the Event Decorating Academy's Draping Courses

We have a unique and high-quality event and wedding draping course which is specifically designed to create the most unique and stunning designs your clients could imagine.  You will increase the possibility of becoming a one-of-a-kind fabric expert in your area. The EDA was the first to offer fabric draping courses in the nation. We teach unique methods for designing low-cost as well as high-end framing and designing. While this course has become very popular and people from all over now want to be an instructor, we are still the number one school for event decorating, the originators, and the only established school with a physical location and credentials.

Fabric Draping Design Course Course 547-3DBI

Certificate in Fabric Draping Designer
FORMAT 3 Day Course
TIMES 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our classes are geared to the entrepreneur who wants to add the services of fabric draping. Our program is designed to offer stylish decorations for all events.  We offer that elegant touch you need for Weddings, Fifteens, Anniversaries, and any other special occasion! This course will give you the knowledge to dress any head table for the most traditional and formal of events, through to the most modern and contemporary. You will be able to transform any venue into an elegant masterpiece.

fabric drapped backdrop and table
Curriculum schedule
DAY 1 Introduction to Room Draping and Backdrops
DAY 2 Designing Rooms, Arches & Ceilings
DAY 3 Designing Gazebos, Canopies & Stages
This educational program focuses on teaching all the necessary techniques to start or improve your business in the event decorating industry as well as having the proper credentials to be competitive in this growing market. We have developed a reputation for efficiency and excellence. Ceiling Draping is certainly one of the most requested classes.  There are so many different ways to drape depending on the type of ceiling and background. We focus on training professionals the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

Our exceptional course includes step-by-step hands-on instructions and a manual to take home. These designs are made in class, with table settings to help you build your portfolio.

The EDA has a collection of fabric and accessories for students to use in class, the most popular vases, floral arrangements brooches, LED lights, feathers and props. Students create their own custom design during class guided by the instructors.

  • Introduction to room draping
  • Pipe and draping systems
  • Types of hardware needed and their uses
  • Multiple styles of backdrops
  • Types of fabrics and their uses
  • Multiple head table types and styles
  • Lighting
  • Ceiling designs
  • Columns, arches & gazebos
event decorating academy fabric draping class student

Fabric Draping Advance Master Course 546-3DAM

Certificate in Fabric Draping Designer
FORMAT 3 Day Advance Course
TIMES 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
FEE $799

This program is designed to provide hands-on experience using the basics of draping to make new advance designs. Our classes are geared to the advanced event designer that needs help with designing a full room set-up.

This is a great class for those that want to add different decorating designs and are interested in developing a larger working knowledge of design and managerial for draping applications. In this hands-on course, our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through all procedures for designing and executing room draping and backdrop installations. Students will be instructed in both the practical application, along with the theory and design aspects.

event decorating
academy's advanced fabric drapped backdrop and table
Curriculum schedule
DAY 1 Backdrops set ups & lighting designs
DAY 2 Arches, tables, chairs & ceiling design set up
DAY 3 Altar set ups with gazebos and stage decor
Expand your knowledge by attending this class learn new designs and form a beautiful finished room decor using embellishments that will give it the finished look. This program is designed to provide a deeper understanding of fabric draping and design, with a focus on the finished design. The course tops off with understanding how to add elements to make a unique look.

This course incorporates some of the latest trends for exquisite designs. The hands-on class will have you creating stylish head tables, guest tables, receiving tables, centerpieces and much more. Additionally, you will have beautiful photos to build your portfolio.

Student are supplied with all the hardware and fabric to use throughout the course to create their own custom designs, as well as information on types and uses of fabrics, techniques, terms and step-by-step instructions.

Students leave with the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in this industry.

  • Types and styles of specialty tables
  • Decor options with current trends
  • Draping different types of aisles
  • Safety measures
  • Ceremony setup and tear-down etiquette
  • Head, cake and receiving tables
  • Multiple types of ceremonies designs
  • Ceiling Lighting
  • Tent Design
  • Ceiling Fabric Centerpieces
event decorating academy fabric draping class student pictures

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