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Start a Rewarding Career in the Growing Field of Event Decorating
Become a Certified Event Decorator ®
Our unique courses will help you succeed in this rewarding career!
Students who successfully complete the course and skill testing will receive the certification of Certified Event Decorator ®. This credential is trademarked and recognized worldwide.
6. Cap & Gown Graduation & CED Certification - this is a registered trademarked credential as a Certified Event Decorator ® Exclusively for the Event Decorating Academy. Test fee and certification is $150 due at time of testing. Test can be taken immediately after the course of you may come back at another time.
7. Food & snacks
• Hot lunches everyday
• Coffee, tea, soda & snacks during breaks
8. After you pass the certification program, you get extra
• 25% off on all continuing education classes
• Unlimited Trademark Logo usage rights
• Referrals
• Wholesale Discounts on supplies from the Event
Decor Mart.
Student iPad
This is the career you want and the security you need!
Success is in the palm of your hand!
Get Certified!
2 weeks
12 classes
A lifetime of knowledge!
CED Courses Includes
1. Event Decorating & Management Manual Includes:
• Reference manuals for the 12 courses bursting with tips, advice, ideas, full-color graphics & pictures. These study guides lead you step-by-step through your lessons. All in an iPad.
• Material lists
• Exercise business forms
• Event Decorating Academy student app
2. Take home projects – bring an extra suitcase!
3. FREE Ongoing support and mentoring for 1 year
• Business advisory
• Answer to all your start-up questions
• Help with your design questions
• Help with pricing
4. Internship projects
Students can join us in actual events and get the experience they need. These are available on first-come, first-serve basis.
5. Opportunities to work as an intern in our classroom as a teaching assistant are also available.

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