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MASTER EVENT DESIGNER Course MED-12DIA What is a Master Event Designer?
This educational program is the highest credential you can obtain in the industry. This credential will put you above many companies and designers. It will prepare you to design magnificent events. You will learn how to coordinate every detail leading up to your event. These courses give you the experience and practice you require in order to become a competitive respectable and successful designer.
This set of courses will prepare you in all the fields necessary to become a master in the industry.
This credential is based on a combination of several courses. Each one has individualized hands-on training in every aspect of event decorating and business tactics. Our program does not compare to others, as our courses are focused on marketable designs. We focus on each individual class as a whole and teach our students to put them all together to run a successful business.
This Comprehensive training will teach you how to run a business, do consultations, proposals and finally the execution of a entirely designed event. From there you will learn how to market, price and run your business.
With these courses, you will learn how to design using everything you had learned in the CED. Once you take the 12-day CED course you can take the Master Event Designer course and learn the advanced designs.
Our classes are geared to the entrepreneur who wants be on top of the market. This Certification is a mark of excellence and professionalism that set you apart from everyone else in this field.
It is proof to the industry and your client that you have achieved and maintained the highest standards of ethics and performance.
The key for this course is to make you an amazing event designer by coaching you in all the necessary tactics of incorporating all the different aspects of decorating to serve your clients better.
6 days of full set up designs
Master wedding decorating packages, marketing, & portfolio Master wedding floral centerpieces
Master wedding fabric designs
Table settings and centerpieces
Master staging props and lighting Master balloon decor
Certificate in Master Event Designer MED-6 DA
96 Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Certificate in Master Event Designer MED-6 WK
12 Week Course - Saturday Sessions
96 Hours
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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