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Why the Event Decorating Academy®?
Event Decorating Academy [EDA] is the Nation’s premier event decorating school that offers world class education for event decorating professionals, as well as those aspiring to become professional event decorators, professionals starting at a retail gift shop or floral shop. Our facility is located in Hollywood, Florida, just north of Miami. We’ve been offering training since 2007.
Our private education has prepared professionals from across the world for new levels of leadership in the event industry. Here, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the business successfully and develop yours broad vision and capacity for decision-making and skillful execution.
We invite you to be part of the EDA education’s vision when you walk through our doors. We know you will leave our academy with a capability of creating decor that will astonish your clients, as well as acquire the basic business knowledge necessary to succeed. Getting an education from a unique school has never been easier. Our instructional courses are designed to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to master the art of event decorating and gift retailing.
Learn from Carmen Ballering, owner, and head designer, international multi-award winning designer who had been in the event industry for 26 years. She has successfully run a gift shop, a party store, event decorating company and a rental company. She’ll act as your business mentor, sharing the secrets of her success with you.
The EDA provides a unique learning environment offering training for: 
Balloon Decorations • Fabric Draping • Floral Designs • Theme 3D Props & Painting • Centerpieces •Kid’s Birthday Parties • Candy Table
Settings • Event Business Management • Basket, Balloon and Floral Retail Arrangements and More!
Our curriculum offers a combination of different styles in event decorating classes for entry-level beginners to advanced professionals who wish to improve their businesses with new techniques and designs. Most importantly, we teach you how
to run a profitable decorating or gift retail business, as well as how to price, market and build a
professional portfolio and ongoing coaching.
The Certified Event Decorator® Designation
At the Event Decorating Academy®, you will learn the skills necessary to become a successful Certified Event Decorator® by attending our comprehensive two-week, twelve-day course. The EDA is nationally and internationally recognized as the first and largest school in our industry.
While others may attempt to copy us, using similar sounding names and certifications, we are the only established school in the world that can provide the Certified Event Decorator® certification. A federal trademark.
We strive to achieve the highest standards of education. At the EDA, you will learn hands-on decorating, building the decor as you would while doing at an event. The Event Decorating Academy is open year-round in a permanent, dedicated facility in Southern Florida. The EDA offers one
graduation a year for Certified Event Decorators.

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