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Your dream career is within your reach!
Your Career Opportunities
In today’s busy world, people find they lack the skills and time to plan and decorate events themselves – that’s where you come in as a professional in the field.
Start working towards your certification today! Choose from a number of exciting career avenues.
• Start your storefront business
• Start a home base business
• Work in the service industry
• Work for an event decorating company
The EDA is not just a place for education ... it’s a place to get a hands-on experience and build your portfolio. Our courses empower you to pursue the career of your dreams.
If you decide to have a home based business, the EDA is the place to start! Here you will find guidelines to help make the process quick and easy.
Let one of our enrollment coordinators help you choose the courses
that fit your needs. We will help you take the next step to making Fyour dream come true.
ollow your passion, let inspiration be your guide
Students who take advantage of the opportunities that EDA offers can advance expeditiously and move into a new career in just two weeks.
The courses also help students save money by developing new techniques and shortcuts to make time more efficient.
Both of these opportunities help students attain their goals much sooner.
Our courses are perfect for stay-at- home moms who need an extra income.
Moms can now work from home and run a successful business.
Option 1: Sell online - bridal bouquets, foam centerpieces, cake toppers, piñatas, baskets, arrangements, and props.
Option 2: Work all week at home and decorate events on the weekends.
Option 3: Work at home and have someone to do the deliveries and set up for you.
You make your schedule, try it today.
This education will help build the career you have always dreamed of.

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