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Event Decorating & Design Courses


Certified Event Decorator®
Certified Event Decorator logo

The Certified Event Decorator® program is our most popular course. The credential is exclusive to decorators that have completed the intensive 100 hr — certification program to equal to 10 CEUs at the Event Decorating Academy®. Students are required to pass the written and hands-on test in order to receive the certification. The course includes lessons on business management, balloon decor, fabric draping, floral design, and props. From here our students can choose to specialize in a specific subject and take the masterclasses to become an event designer.

Certified Event Master Designer
Certified Event Master Designer Logo

The Certified Event Master Designer designation is an accredited program exclusive to Certified Event Decorators that have completed the intensive 100 hr. course to equal to 10 CEUs and then had taken 100 hrs course to equal to 10 CEUs of Master design classes at the Event Decorating Academy®

Event design is a competitive business. The key to success is getting yourself educated and hold the proper credentials to be on a different level from everyone else. The credentials will give you value and credibility helping you book more events. This online event design course is a comprehensive program that will teach you everything you need to know about designing events- from, color theory, fabrics and Furniture styles, lighting wall and ceiling treatments, drawing a floor plan, portfolio development and Design Trends.

Certified Balloon Designer
Balloon Decor Organic Arch

Our balloon decorating programs are full of exciting and modern designs. They give the experience in constructing various frames and creating balloon arch, canopy, organic designs, walls, and ceiling designs. It is crucial to get the proper training to be a successful balloon decorator. Our instructors will lead step-by-step with focusing on techniques and proper installation for that professional look.

We are the only school in the world that offers Balloon Design Certificate programs that earn CEUs. Through our series of online and hands-on courses, our knowledgeable instructors will guide students through all the smart balloon practices as well as the laws for safety and environmental.

Certified Event Draping Designer
event fabric

The fabric draping courses will give the experience in constructing various frames to create entrances, arches, backdrops, stages, gazebos, table and chair designs for different events. Our goal is to teaching students to practice safe rigging installations, and executing a full venue design by the time they are done with the program. Our courses include the fundamental techniques to make it quick and easy.

Our instructors will lead step-by-step through our hands-on and online courses focusing on fundamental techniques to be able to transform any venue into an elegant masterpiece.

We are the only school in the world that offers Draping Design Certificate programs that earn CEUs. The fabric draping courses will give the course require students to produce designs and assemble them to practice and to take pictures for their event portfolio. Students are required to pass the test in order to receive certification, in order to pass and receive certification, students need to prove the ability to create, construct, and design.

Certified Event Floral Designer
beach wedding course

Our comprehensive learning programs are focused on floral designs for events. It is designed to cover everything you need to know to prepare you with the latest trends for weddings and corporate in the ever-growing market. The courses helps you expand your understanding and creativity by mastering contemporary techniques and design mechanics. Our proven teaching methods will prepare you to progress rapidly in your floral career and establish yourself as a true professional. Design alluring event centerpieces and arrangements for rental or sale. In this course we teach techniques for using high quality soft touch silk flowers for many designs, this helps with offering amazing designs at reasonable prices. This is an exclusive course for event decorators. The Event Floral Design Certificate and accredited programs earn CEUs.

Certified Event Manager - Event Business Courses
        decorating business course

This is a highly educational class designed to help our students get the knowledge they need to run a successful event decorating company. We focus on teaching students the importance of professionalism and excellent business skills. This is a “must take” class, Being a great designer is wonderful, but if you don’t know how to run your business, price and market correctly, it can become a disaster. Many decorators have been in the business for years, but are not yet making the money they want. While they generate enough to cover their expenses, it’s not enough to live a comfortable lifestyle. Join us and experience something different! This tech-infused business programs can help give you the competitive edge you need to stand out and fuel your career.. We offer intensive programs guaranteed to improve our students chances of success. This is the first event decorating management course offered by a accredited school.

Certified Destination Wedding Designer
destination wedding course

Do you love traveling? So do many brides, they dream of having a destination wedding where they can live the fairytale moment. Now is your opportunity to join the very lucrative market of planning and decorating destination weddings. A great opportunity not only to do them in your area but also to have the ability to travel to exotic places without having to pay for it out of pocket. We focus on the bride's needs and how to personalize and accessorize each event to be unique. We provide step by step on how to add ornamentation to create the unique and beautiful beach designs that your clients could only imagine. This course will increase your odds of becoming a one-of-a-kind destination wedding expert, in your area. While a destination wedding is an excellent alternative to the traditional wedding, it is only successful when planned by an expert. This Destination Wedding Designer program is offered exclusively by accredited school Event Decorating Academy in a 60 hr. accredited program and it earns 6 CEUs.

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The Event Decorating Academy, LLC is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The Event Decorating Academy, LLC complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices. As a result of this accreditation, The Event Decorating Academy, LLC is accredited to issue the IACET CEU.